Problems and Troubleshooting

Ⅰ.Unable to connect the device:

A. If you cannot connect the device after first installation,
please restart the handheld intelligent terminal.

B. iCtrl disconnects during use and is unable to reconnect.
1. Check whether the device is connected with other handheld
intelligent terminals.
2. Restart iCtrl software.
3. Restart Bluetooth (Turn off Bluetooth and wait for 10 seconds until restart).
4. Restart the device.
5. Restart the handheld intelligent terminal.


Ⅱ.Memory position errors:

A. If power supply is cut off while the device is running, there will be a error in memory position.

B. The device works too frequently. When it returns to “memory position”, the position appears error.
Solution: Press and hold the “Down” button in iCtrl software to get the device back to its initial position, and then the above error can be fixed.

C. No memory position function is available:
While turning on the “Memory position”, the device will stop running after working for some time without returning to "Memory position".
Please check whether “Device control box” and “Electric pushrod” are properly connected (It is suggested to be done by professionals.).


Ⅲ. Sudden power failure:

When power supply is cut off under proper connection of the handheld terminal and device, it is necessary to go through the following operation for reconnection:

A: Turn off “iCtrl” software completely.

B: Select “Phone – Settings – Bluetooth – Off”.

C: Wait for 10 seconds and then restart the device and “iCtrl” software.
Then it can resume normal work.


Ⅳ. The handheld intelligent terminal prompts “Weak signal”

1. Please move closer to the device if the distance is more than 5 meters.
2. There is metal obstructions between handheld intelligent terminal and device.
3. Please stop using the device in places where too many other devices interferes Bluetooth signal.